Amanda Baron is currently attending Georgia College. Since a very young age she has always had a deep passion for art. In fact she was a winner of the worldwide River of Words art competition at age seven.

She discovered Zentangling during high school and became intrigued by it's variety and eclectic components. Using line and pattern elements Amanda became dedicated to mastering the skill of advanced doodling!

"I spent the following years practicing and pushing myself further to bring out every single dot and line that represented something greater than its means. I allowed myself to dig deeper into my mind and spirit with the intentions of unlocking my full capabilities within my art work and to see what I can express through my “doodles.” I hope my artwork brings enjoyment and inspires other growing artists.

Zenthropologi’s logo, “Zennora II” was inspired by an old folklore of the first discovered mermaid whose name was Zennor.


Yvette Baron has always had a passion for art and a love for the eclectic. As a teenager she mastered four musical instruments and as a new parent wrote children's stories for her daughter Sarah. She has a passion for making things unique and beautiful.

After creating Zenthropologi, with its initial focus on her daughter Amanda’s Zentangling, Yvette began to explore ways to apply Amanda's artwork on to items such as coasters, bottles, and lamp shades. Through this process , Yvette began to blend components of her own artistry creating a blend of both her's and Amanda's work.

This process re-ignited Yvette's own creative energies and have been used to create Zen-naturals. A one of a kind floral home accent pieces and arrangements that blend various materials to create style and a little zen for the home.